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Farmer Participation Program


mobile scroll icon white

Under this project, coffee farmers would be granted equity-like financial rights in ViCAFE. This would allow them to directly participate in the company’s growth and financial success. Currently we are testing the program in Colombia.

Monduli Mountains on Mondul Coffee Estate




Starting 2023


USD 10’500


Compost Program on Finca Los Nogales

Oscar Hernandez from Finca Los Nogales
mobile scroll icon white

Oscar, the owner of Finca los Nogales in Colombia, has observed that green waste in the neighbouring local town Bruselas is collected but not transformed into useful compost. To change this, we would like to build a larger compost-factory on his farm which allows him to professionally process organic waste from the town as well as his own farm. In addition, he will organize regular workshops and help us to develop learning-modules for other coffee farmers that are keen to learn more about regenerative coffee farming.

Bio Fabrica Compost Los Nogales


Finca Los Nogales, Huila, Colombia


2022 – 2023


USD 13’501

Bring back the Trees

Mondul Afforestation Program

Monduli Mountains on Mondul Coffee Estate
mobile scroll icon white

Monocultures typically increase the vulnerabilities of ecosystems towards climate change. Forests, on the other hand, increase biodiversity, create microclimates with reduced temperatures and protect soil from erosion. Therefore, we started an afforestation project on the ViCAFE’s partner farm in Tanzania, Mondul Coffee Estate. The employees of the farm will also intercrop coffee with other fruits and vegetables, making them economically more resilient towards droughts and market changes. By the end of 2023, there will be 46 acres of newly planted indigenous forest on the beautiful hills of the Monduli Mountains with about 100 more acres to be transformed into a diverse and drought resistant forest in the coming years.

Planting trees on Mondul Coffee Estate


Mondul Coffee Estate Monduli, Tanzania


2022 – ongoing


USD 58.122